Live to eat…

At Lifecycol we are very passionate about our food. Your body is your home, and nutrition, especially in the realm of sport and fitness, is extremely important, beginning with breakfast, one of our favourite meals!

During your stay at Chalet Avenir, you will enjoy plentiful, informal meals that have been chosen not only for their nutritional value and downright deliciousness, but also for their personal meaning to us, Amy and Ian.

In the wintertime, our menu consists of hearty, warming dishes to comfort and replenish you after a day in the snow. Summertime means lighter dishes, such as interesting, colourful salads and marinated grilled meat and fish; plenty of fun and exciting flavours.

As sportspeople, we understand the importance of appropriate nutrition before, during and after pushing your body to the limit. Should your break be sport or fitness orientated, we will make sure that your body both recovers and refuels, ready for the following days’ endeavours!
Whether your holiday with us is about action or relaxation, we will also make sure that you can enjoy a few drinks! We love a glass of wine, and always try to choose the perfect house wine for the meal.

Amy has Indian heritage, and you will see reflections of this in some of the meals on Lifecycol’s menu. Ian’s Lancashire roots will also be present, as well as an array of other cuisines, inspired by our many adventures together.

We want our food to make you smile, after all, the best food is good for body and soul, and mealtimes should be a fun, social, memorable experience. You can be happy in the knowledge that we’ll only ever serve you the kind of meals that we eat ourselves, and we have very high standards!

Keep an eye on the Lifecycol Facebook page and the News page on our website for regular foodie posts – see what we eat!