Hike some of the world’s most beautiful mountains…

If you love to walk in the mountains, then the Portes du Soleil is the stomping ground for you! In true PDS style, there’s something for everyone, with around 800 km of well signposted, well maintained routes and trails of varying difficulty levels. In addition, there is a connected network of 24 lifts that can lend a helping hand in getting you up the mountain to see those all-important views even if walking uphill isn’t your thing!

If it’s a little stroll you’re after, there are gentle routes available, perfect for families or those new to mountain walking. At the other end of the spectrum, there are longer, more strenuous high level trails for active, experienced hikers.

The Morzine tourist office stock a handy, comprehensive pocket-sized walking guide, the ‘Guide Balades’, which is a good place to start for local walking routes. Just ask and they will provide one free of charge.

Alternatively, follow the link below to see a downloadable version:

We also have a variety of Michelin maps at Chalet Avenir, that you are welcome to pore over when preparing a walking route.