Lifecycol at Chalet Avenir Terms and Conditions


1.1 The terms and conditions of this document comprise the agreement between “Lifecycol” and the Client.

1.2 “The group” or “party” refers to all persons booked to stay in the accommodation.

1.3 “The Client” refers to the nominated leader of the group or party and/or any member of that group or party.

1.4 “The arrival date” is the date at which the client arrives at Chalet Avenir for the commencement of the agreed holiday.

1.5 “Lifecycol” is the operating company for “Chalet Avenir” which refers to the premises.

1.6 “Booking (holiday)” is the period for which accommodation is agreed and approved by Lifecycol.

1.7 “Chalet Avenir” are the premises being rented, located at 611 Route de la Mernaz, Morzine, 74110, France


2.1 Once availability has been confirmed by Lifecycol a booking will only be confirmed on receipt of the appropriate deposit of 25% of the full amount.

2.2 Without the deposit, the booking will be deemed as void and Lifecycol reserves the right to re-book the week without notification.

2.3 The total amount outstanding on your holiday must be paid ten weeks prior to arrival date and therefore if you booked within ten weeks, the full balance will be payable at the time of booking.

2.4 The point of contact for the group will be the Client. Thus the client will be liable for organisation and co-ordination of all monies outstanding from the remainder of the party.

2.5 The Client has responsibility to ensure that Lifecycol is kept up to date with the status of any changes and information requested by Lifecycol.


3.1 The prices published on Lifecycol’s website are correct at time of publication. Lifecycol reserve the right to increase or decrease prices before a booking is accepted. Your confirmation price at the time your booking is accepted, based on the information provided by and agreed with the Client, is guaranteed and will not be subject to change.

3.2 Lifecycol reserve the right to increase or decrease prices at any time prior to receipt of deposit for the booking.

3.3 Unless otherwise confirmed, i.e. during the summer and inter-seasons, prices stated during the winter season are for one week (7 nights) accommodation and include dinner on 6 nights (light supper for arrivals after 20.00 at the premises), breakfast on 7 mornings (light breakfast for departures before 8.00).

3.4 Prices do not include travel or transfers, holiday and medical insurance, ski passes, childcare, equipment hire, ski lessons, lunches and evening meal on chalet host night off, which is Thursday.

3.5 For B&B guests, the price includes a morning ski-lift transfer. An afternoon ski-lift transfer is ONLY INCLUDED if B&B guests pay for dinner by arrangement.


4.1 The balance of the holiday will be due ten weeks before the arrival date. If the final balance is not received ten weeks prior to the arrival date, Lifecycol reserve the right to cancel the booking and any deposits paid will be forfeited. Lifecycol reserve the right to re-book the chalet without further notice.

4.2 Reasonable effort will be made to contact the Client to remind them of payment dates but liability remains with the Client.

4.3 Payment can only be accepted by international bank transfer (IBAN). There is no surcharge for payment. Prices are always in Euro and will be taken in Euro currency.


5.1 If through circumstances beyond the control of Lifecycol we are forced to cancel the holiday, a full refund is payable. This does not include events amounting to Force Majeure (Force Majeure meaning war, political unrest, weather, contagious disease, strikes, acts of God, epidemics, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, natural or technical disasters) or unless the client defaults in the payment of the final balance of the holiday cost.


6.1 The Client, or any member of the party, may cancel their holiday at any time providing that the cancellation is made in writing.

6.2 Lifecycol accepts no responsibility for non-delivery or non-receipt of the written cancellation.

6.3 The deposit will be retained for administration costs and Lifecycol will apply the cancellation charges, which for more than 10 weeks is the deposit only and less than 10 weeks is the full amount of the holiday total. An invoice to the full amount will be provided for the client to make any necessary insurance claim for reasons appropriate to their cancellation.

6.4 Non receipt of the balance of the total cost of the holiday may be taken as notification of cancellation if Lifecycol is unable to contact the Client through the contact details provided by the Client. Lifecycol will make several attempts to contact the client although responsibility to make the final balance payment remains with the Client.


7.1 Lifecycol’s liability is limited to the invoiced holiday cost and under no circumstances extends to the additional costs incurred by clients in taking the holiday such as travel to and from the resort, pre-booked services, tuition or ski passes.


8.1 The chalet may be taken on an exclusive use basis or sold on a room by room basis at the discretion of Lifecycol.

8.2 Single person room occupancy will be charged at the full room rate.

8.3 Part cancellation by a group who have booked exclusive use will result in no change to the exclusive use price.

8.4 Lifecycol reserves the right to have other parties share in the chalet unless the whole chalet is taken on an agreed exclusive use basis.

8.5 Lifecycol reserves the right to sell rooms to individuals, families (with or without children), all male or all female parties of any age or background without restriction when sold on a room by room basis.


9.1 Chalet Avenir is the home of the owners of Lifecycol, and as such we ask all guests to respect the property, its contents and the ethos of friendliness and relaxation that we try to create here, leaving it in the same condition in which you found it.

9.2 Should any damages occur to Chalet Avenir or contents belonging to it, including the outdoor furniture and hot tub, or any other property of Lifecycol during the stay of the group which is deemed as not being normal wear and tear, Lifecycol reserve the right to settle any claim as we in our absolute discretion see fit. Lifecycol reserves the right to collect costs from the Client by way of instant cash settlement for the said damaged goods.

9.3 Lifecycol ask you to respect all other guests, staff and neighbours, and to behave in a manner which is neither insulting, offensive, abusive or threatening in words or behaviour. Any breach of this clause means Lifecycol has the right to terminate the contract of the Client and/or party with immediate effect and demand immediate vacation of the chalet without recourse or refund.

9.4 No member of the party may bring guests who are not resident at Chalet Avenir into the premises without the definitive permission of the management of Lifecycol. Any member of the party bringing a guest into the premises will be liable for all their actions and behaviour and ensuring that said guest adheres to the terms and conditions as laid out in this document. Lifecycol reserves the right to ask any non-resident guest to leave should they breach the terms and conditions laid out in this document.

9.5 Illness: It is the responsibility of the Client to inform Lifecycol in the event of any person, either adult or child who has contracted any illness or contagious disease which may give rise for concern or affect any members of Lifecycol’s staff or other clients or group members.


10.1 Should the Client have a complaint with any part of the booking (holiday) they should complain immediately to Lifecycol staff. Complaints can be best dealt with at the time and is it always Lifecycol’s intention to ensure that the Client is satisfied.

10.2 Complaints made after the Client has left on completion of their booking (holiday) will not allow Lifecycol to facilitate a response based on events leading to the complaint being historical.

10.3 No complaints can be accepted for snow conditions, weather, closures of ski lifts and services provided by third parties.


11.1 Lifecycol can assist in recommending many of the extra services you need when on a winter or summer holiday. These services are subject to the terms and conditions of the individual companies. Use of any third party is not mandatory and consequently Lifecycol accepts no responsibility or liability for the service provided by third parties.

11.2 Any grievance with a third party service should be made by the Client directly with the provider.

11.3 Any participation in dangerous sports is at the individuals own risk, and it is the responsibility of the individual to provide relevant medical documentation and obtain the relevant insurance.


12.1 In the event that the Client/party lose or leave items in the chalet, no responsibility will be accepted if the property is not recovered or returned.

12.2 Lifecycol cannot accept any responsibility for theft either from the chalet or at any other time during your holiday.

12.3 Any client/party member not properly securing the exits and windows, including the secure bike storage facility and boot room after leaving the chalet will be liable to any property taken as a result of that negligence.


13.1 Lifecycol does not provide this as a service as this is illegal in France unless by a qualified individual.

13.2 Ski Guiding is available through most ski schools but must be arranged between the Client and the ski school directly. Lifecycol accepts no responsibility for arranging ski guiding.


14.1 The chalet will be available to incoming clients after 15.00 on day of arrival, although we can provide storage for luggage before this time but the chalet facilities will not be available.

14.2 The chalet must be vacated promptly on the day of departure by 10.00, although we can provide storage for luggage if your transfer is departing after 10.00.

14.3 Clients who wish to ski on the day of departure must have vacated their rooms before 10.00 and have left their luggage in the designated place.

14.4 Clients who arrive before the check in time or who leave after the check out time will not have access to the chalet facilities.

14.5 On transfer days, Lifecycol may be able to provide transport to the ski lifts prior to the 10.00 checkout time only. There will be no afternoon pick up from the ski lifts for the Client who has checked out that morning. They must make their own arrangements to return to the chalet and collect luggage, should any have been left in the designated storage area.


15.1 Outdoor shoes, ski boots and cycling shoes are strictly forbidden within the chalet excluding the main entrance/ski storage area.


16.1 For health and safety reasons and the comfort of others, smoking is strictly prohibited on the chalet premises, including on balconies, outside decking areas and in the hot tub. The designated smoking area is at the front of the chalet on the paved area by the front door. We ask guests not to throw cigarette ends on the floor; a safe, non-flammable container will be provided.


17.1 For health and safety reasons, naked flames are not permitted in or adjacent to the chalet.

17.2 Fire extinguishers are provided in the chalet but are for the use of trained personnel only. Tampering or misuse of the fire extinguishers will be viewed as a gross breach of behaviour and may result in the Client being evicted from the property.

17.3 The chalet is fitted with smoke detectors and should they sound, all clients are to gather in front of the chalet in the parking area and contact a member of Lifecycol for further instructions.


18.1 Lifecycol have an eight-seater minibus available to provide transfers for clients to and from the ski lifts during the winter season. This lift transfer service will consist of one trip to the lifts for all clients, as one group, between 08:30 and 09:30 and a collection between 16:30 and 18:00, unless otherwise pre-arranged with Lifecycol staff.

18.2 Multiple transfers and pick ups cannot be accommodated.

18.3 The drop off or collection point is limited to Morzine and Montriond.

18.4 For B&B guests, the price includes a morning ski-lift transfer only. An afternoon ski-lift transfer is ONLY INCLUDED if B&B guests pay for dinner by arrangement.

18.5 Seat belts are mandatory in France and the driver of the minibus will demand that the vehicle and passengers comply. Failure to comply will result in the offender being asked to exit the vehicle and any contract for the transfer terminated immediately.

18.6 Children travelling with Lifecycol are the responsibility of the parents or appropriate adult. Children requiring car seats must be secured within the appropriate seat. All child seats are the responsibility of the parents and group members.

18.7 Lifecycol may provide a maximum of two child seats (generic model), but it is strongly advised that parents of children requiring special seats, bring them with them to ensure the correct seat is available for the child.

18.8 Failure to notify Lifecycol in advance of child seat requirements or failure to bring your own child seats may results in difficulty of transfers to and from the ski lifts.

18.9 Drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in the minibus.


19.1 Lifecycol will endeavour to ensure the safety of children within the chalet; however we do not accept responsibility for any injuries caused outside of the supervision of their parents or group members. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their children are supervised at all times.

19.2 We recommend that children under the age of 10 do not use the hot tub due to the higher risk to their bodies of overheating.

19.3 Children are not allowed in the hot tub without an adult who must accept responsibility for the children.

19.4 Guests may enjoy a drink whilst in the hot tub but they must use the plastic glasses provided. Eating whilst in the hot tub is strictly prohibited. All guests should bear in mind that if any ‘foreign bodies or polluting materials’ enter the hot tub, it may be necessary for Lifecycol to empty and refill it, leading to non-usage for up to 24 hours or more. Also if found to be the fault of the Client or members of their group, as a result of miss use, the cost of making good will be charged to the Client.


20.1 Lifecycol will endeavour to accommodate minor food intolerances providing that they are disclosed at the time of booking. Lifecycol cannot accommodate or take responsibility for any bespoke or life-threatening dietary requirements and failure to disclose these may result in termination of the booking (holiday) at Lifecycol’s discretion.

20.2 Lifecycol cannot guarantee the content of the food adequately to ensure protection for the most severe allergies. Lifecycol does not accept liability for any allergic reaction including, but not limited to, nuts and wheat.

20.3 Lifecycol will provide a children’s menu for younger clients and said menu will be a simple two course meal suitable for children. Any request for specific menu types must be made to Lifecycol at time of booking.


21.1 Hot beverages such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate and herbal teas will be readily available in the main living area on a self-service basis throughout your stay.

21.2 Water based soft beverages such as orange squash will be provided.

21.3 Fruit juices are only served at breakfast time.

21.3 Wine will be provided during the evening meal if the Client/party has paid for fully catered/half board accommodation, or has pre-arranged evening meals. More wine can be provided at a cost to the Client/party.

21.4 During the winter season or during any other pre-organised exclusive use, fully catered weeks/events, Lifecycol will provide a refrigerator stocked with a limited amount of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for the consumption of clients during their stay. Once consumed, Lifecycol will, on request, restock the refrigerator at a cost to the Client/party. This does not apply to B&B clients.

21.5 Please call to discuss any specific beverage requirements not covered in the above terms.


22.1 It is mandatory to have an EHIC UK insurance card whilst on holiday in a European country.

22.2 Lifecycol strongly recommend that the Client ensures that all members of the party have the relevant insurance cover for all aspects of their intended activity, as Lifecycol will accept no liability and provide no financial support to clients who require to claim from their insurance as a result of injury, damage, theft or any other loss or incident.

22.3 Lifecycol recommend that the Client accepts the insurance from the provider for all equipment hired, as otherwise any loss, damage or theft of said equipment will have to be paid for by the Client at the time and then recovered from the Client’s personal travel insurance. This will require some time to be spent at the police station getting the necessary documentation for the UK insurers.


23.1 Lifecycol are fully insured in the capacity of providing route guidance and support for road cyclists, i.e. carrying kit and water/food for cyclists using a vehicle or vehicles belonging to Lifecycol. However, Lifecycol accept no responsibility for the manner in which the Client and /or party conduct themselves whilst cycling.

23.2 It is the Client’s full responsibility to ensure that the party has appropriate insurance that covers all/any eventualities that could occur whilst cycling, including theft both on and off the chalet premises, and third party liability.

23.3 Lifecycol will provide a secure bike storage facility, should the Client wish to use it at their own risk.

23.4 Lifecycol strongly recommends that approved cycle helmets are worn at all times whilst engaging in any cycling activities with Lifecycol. We also recommend that the Client is fully conversant with basic bicycle repairs i.e. fixing a puncture, and whilst out on the road carries any necessary spares and tools required. In the event of a major mechanical problem, we will transport the Client and their bike to the nearest bike shop at the discretion of the support driver and not to the detriment of others in the party.

23.5 During any bike ride guided and supported by Lifecycol, we reserve the right to deviate from any previously agreed route should there be any unforeseen circumstances that dictate a necessary change of route.


24.1 Lifecycol are fully qualified and insured to instruct 1:1, small group and group fitness training sessions for clients. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that they are appropriately insured to take part in any fitness training sessions that take place with Lifecycol.

24.2 Lifecycol accept no responsibility for the manner in which the Client and /or party conduct themselves whilst partaking in any fitness training sessions that take place with Lifecycol either on or off the Premises of Chalet Avenir.

24.3 Lifecycol reserve the right to adjust or cancel any fitness training sessions should any unforeseen circumstances arise that dictate a necessary change.


25.1 Lifecycol endeavour to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all clients in all activities provided by Lifecycol through dynamic risk assessment. However, Lifecycol accept no responsibility for any injuries or illnesses that occur whilst taking part in road cycling or fitness training activities with Lifecycol.

25.2 It is the full responsibility of the Client to ensure that if they have any medical conditions that may cause an adverse effect on or endanger their health when partaking in exercise with Lifecycol, that they have sought any necessary medical assessments and advice from their doctor before taking part. Any medical conditions that the Client thinks Lifecycol should know about must be made clear at time of booking, or in any event, prior to taking part in any exercise. All exercise is entered into at the Client’s own risk.


The contract is made on the terms of these booking conditions, governed by French and European Law. Both parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of French Courts at all times.